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Buying guns online is a legal, secure and uncomplicated way of investing in your safety, or upping your hunting game.


Shopping at GUNSRITE you will have access to a huge selection of firearms from trusted manufacturers including: handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, rifle scopes and optics. And not only that, parts, consumables gears and accessories as well.

Advantages of buying guns online:

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Pistols and Revolvers

Great aids for self defense, home defense, and perfect options for concealed carry. 

Our handgun section is your go-to place for choosing the perfect pistol or revolver. We supply dozens of models from classic and industry leading manufacturers like: Sig Sauer, Whalter; Beretta; Glock, Smith and Wesson, Ruger and much more. Find your perfect match now.


Your best home defense aid. Shotguns are exceptionally effective in close quarters, that and its huge stopping power prove it to be the best choice for protecting your family.

Don’t fear the night! Our great deals on shotguns will make sure you’re always prepared.



If you’re a fan of hunting or shooting sports, you will feel at home here at GUNSRITE. We have everything you need, starting from a complete line of rifles that ranges from classic choices to state of the art technology.

Here you will have access to the largest online inventory of rifles. Check it out now.

Parts, Gear and Accessories

Other than the biggest selection of firearms you will find in one place, we also carry all you need for gun care,maintenance, improvements, hunting and outdoor sports. 

GUNSRITE is your one-stop point for everything related to firearms. See for yourself.


Shop by Manufacturer

Got a favorite brand? We offer firearms and parts to all leading brands on the industry to ensure you find what you want.

Empowering your choices

Not 100% sure of what you want? We want you to make the best possible choice.

Check our guides for information on the right gun for you, gun maintenance and the process of buying a gun online.

Want to know more about everything guns related? Head to our blog, where we cover a bit of everything.

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